Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My first interview {thank you, Get Togetha }

Happy Tuesday, my whimsies! I want to direct you to one of my favorite blogs, Get Togetha. It's a wonderful blog that give its readers insight into lifestyle trends and modern and hip digs. And, the lovely woman behind Get Togetha, Melinda Lewis, decided she wanted to do an interview with me about my blog. How about that {I feel like a star, y'all}!! I'm still amazed that she even found GirlWhimsy! She described me as "ultra girly girly, wickedly vintage and such a fresh breath of glamour." I love it!! Okay, okay so, now you have to head on over to Get Togetha and check out the rest of the interview and see why I started this blog called GirlWhimsy. Much love to you, Melinda! I wish I could give you these flowers in person!


Shell said...

Congrats on your interview. i haven't read it yet but I will. Get Togetha is a wonderful blog, too. One of my daily reads.

BSoul 4 U said...

Hi my friend!
Your blog is magic! Talk to you soon! Happy holidays!


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