Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magazine Clutch

The Grazia magazine clutch, $185.00, is found on the website,

This 70s Las Vegas Strip Hotels magazine clutch, $350.00, can be found on Ebay.
This Seventeen magazine clutch was found at

This Vintage Brides magazine clutch can be found at, although it has been SOLD.
The Nouvelle magazine clutch is found at

The Liniea Italia / Alta Moda! magazine clutch is found on
This vintage Harper's Bazaar Italia magazine clutch with the photo of 70s model Janice Dickinson can be found at

The magazine clutch was introduced in the 70's featuring fashion magazine covers that were most popular at the time. The vintage magazine clutch can be expensive, costing anywhere from $150.00 to $350.00! I have two in my accessories collection that I bought 5 years ago at a specialty boutique for $80.00/each (I guess the owner was looking to get rid of them - lucky me!). One of the clutch bags features the busy streets of New York City and captures the infamous Twin Towers! I will forever treasure that bag because it shows the Towers standing tall before the tragic incident of 911 occurred. So if you can justify buying a magazine clutch, do it - you'll have it for a lifetime to pass down to your girls, it's a great collectible and it's a great conversation piece.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Colorful Cozy Crochet Toppers!

The crochet toppers take these stools to another level! I can see you sitting by a window looking out at the trees and flowers. I can see you sitting on your front stoop reading a good book. It would be a great place to lay your jacket or sweater. And, what a cute time out chair for your little one! The stools were just featured on Apartment Therapy. Way cute!

Are you a fashion plate?

Remember Fashion Plates? I wanted to be a designer when I was a kid, and my Fashion Plate made me believe I could be the next Chanel! In reality, I was great in art, but when it came to drawing people, it was stick figures all the way! I have the design vision, but when it comes to putting it on paper, I'm not your girl!

Mod Pad

Above are photos of designer, Karim Rashid's, home. It is mod heaven! I am in love with the pink two-seater love seat, and check out the white desk - it looks like the front end of a control panel that would be on the Spaceship Enterprise! Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 35 countries attest to Karim's legend of design. You can find his home products at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Vanity is but the surface" - quote by Blaise Pascal

Even Skipper has a vanity.

A lovely spot all your own to brush your hair, put on your makeup, choose your jewelry and pick your perfume. A place for your personal and special letters, diary and love notes. Adorned with flowers, sparkling rhinestone necklaces , pearl earrings and family photographs. You watch in the mirror as your little girl steps toward you, looks over your shoulder and asks, "Mommy, can I watch you put on your makeup"? or says, "Mommy, you look pretty". A lovey spot for a lovely woman.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lisa Perry Collections - Vintage Inspired

I would love to live in Lisa Perry's New York, New York store and play dress up until I couldn't stand it anymore! Her collection pieces are FAB-U-LOUS (two snaps up)!

Also called the CIRCLE.

This is the FLEURDELISA dress. I think Barbie wore this dress.


Lisa Perry's bio states that her life is infused with her love of 1960's vintage couture fashion and art, mixing her love of that era into her lifestyle and a philosophy of clean lines, geometric shapes, primary colors and minimalism all sprinkled with a sense of Whimsy. I find it fitting to include some of her collection pieces on GirlWhimsy. I'm all about the Whimsy!

Shadow box covered in vintage simplicity - too cute!

The paper doll is based on a 60's magazine illustration. Work it girl!

Vintage Barbie Fashion Ilustrations

Vintage Barbie, gay parisian.
Illustration of Easter Parade from vintage Barbie box.
Vintage Barbie suburban shopper.
Evening Splendor, Gay Parisian, and Winter Holiday.
Suburban Shopper, Ballerina, and Orange Sheath.

I don't know about you guys, but I would have given away my little sister (sorry Sis, love you - hehehe!) for a grown up version of Barbie's wardrobe and accessories! She had every style shoe, boot, handbag and every mix-n-match outfit a girl could dream of! I think every young girl (and not so young girl) envied Barbie and wanted to be her and live her life. I still want to shack up in that Dream House!
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