Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keiko Lynn - A Modern Take on a Vintage Look

I have to have that skirt - too cute with the bow! Yellow and grey looks yummy together!
Don't step on my grey suede shoes! Love em' with the blue colored tights,too! And ruffles are back, ladies!
Plaid short shorts - I need to do like Keiko Lynn and bring those back!
Stripes are a girl's best friend!
This skirt is so cute and girly! Look at the booties!

I'm lovin' the golden yellow sweater shrug!
"I'm singin' in the rain! Just singin' in the rain!" Love this yellow dress and that black and white bag!
This kinda reminds me of "That Girl". She looks like she's getting ready to take her hat off and throw it in the air!

Keiko Lynn, a young designer from New York, designs and makes clothes for her line, Postlapsaria, at As you can see, she has some "to die for" pieces. Check it out!

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