Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magazine Clutch

The Grazia magazine clutch, $185.00, is found on the website,

This 70s Las Vegas Strip Hotels magazine clutch, $350.00, can be found on Ebay.
This Seventeen magazine clutch was found at

This Vintage Brides magazine clutch can be found at, although it has been SOLD.
The Nouvelle magazine clutch is found at

The Liniea Italia / Alta Moda! magazine clutch is found on
This vintage Harper's Bazaar Italia magazine clutch with the photo of 70s model Janice Dickinson can be found at

The magazine clutch was introduced in the 70's featuring fashion magazine covers that were most popular at the time. The vintage magazine clutch can be expensive, costing anywhere from $150.00 to $350.00! I have two in my accessories collection that I bought 5 years ago at a specialty boutique for $80.00/each (I guess the owner was looking to get rid of them - lucky me!). One of the clutch bags features the busy streets of New York City and captures the infamous Twin Towers! I will forever treasure that bag because it shows the Towers standing tall before the tragic incident of 911 occurred. So if you can justify buying a magazine clutch, do it - you'll have it for a lifetime to pass down to your girls, it's a great collectible and it's a great conversation piece.

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