Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paper Dolls - I could still play with paper dolls for hours (if my nieces let me)!

Vintage paper doll book.
Vintage Tutti paper dolls circa 1967.
Vintage Tutti paper dolls circa 1968 (blonde).
Vintage Tutti paper dolls circa 1968 (brunette).
Vintage push out / punch out doll book.
Vintage paper doll set patented July 6, 1943 by Alma Mae de Journette as "Flat Doll" Patent # 2323522. The paper doll has "real" hair. This is the same person who made the similar "Curly Top" paper dolls, also with "real" hair.
Vintage paper dolls on white cotton fabric.
Barbie Fashion Window Wardrobe and Barbie Travel Wardrobe Paper Doll. Look at the bouffant hairdos!
Decoupage vintage paper doll case. I have a suitcase that is decoupaged with vintage stickers, labels and cards - I may have to decoupage a box or case with vintage paper dolls. This looks great!

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