Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Furniture

Patine chair.
Victorian sofa painted white and custom upholstered with a quilt.
A boudoir with vintage furniture and knick knacks from The Chapel Antique Center, Broadfield Road, Heeley, Sheffield.
Vintage writers desk. This would inspire great love letters or poems. This would make a great vanity as well.

This is from a vintage department store in Selfrides.


Retromodgirl said...

I adore this Victorian sofa. Where did you see this?

I love your blog also!

GirlWhimsy said...

I was searching and found a photo of this lovely sofa. Isn't it to-die-for?!

And thank you for the compliment on my blog - I needed to hear that seeing as how I just started this blogging craze! I love your blog, too.

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