Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Using pieces of discarded junk, designer Katie Thompson recreates a unique, recycled range of furniture, each piece 
infused with its own previous character but with a new function.  I adore decor pieces that are different, one of a kind and recycled, 
so when I came across REcreate and saw these divine creations, I did a happy dance!  I have finally found  someone who gets 
my interior decorating quirkiness!  Then I started wishing, "Please, please, please let there be a stateside store, or at least let me 
be able to order online."  Wellllll, no (big let down sigh)!  Unfortunately for me, these whimsically creative pieces can only be 
purchased in Cape Town, South Africa or Johannesburg!  Awww, man!  Oh well, a girl can dream, right?! 


Lindsey N. said...

How neat! I immediately sent this link to my mom. I love when people can see the beauty in "junk!"

Lindsey Soup

Maddie M. said...

WOW! How cool are these?

Anonymous said...

I had seen some of these before but had no idea who created them. Thanks so much for the post, Debbie!

Haylee said...

How incredible are these! I really love the floral covered bucket.

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