Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eye Catching

{images found on fashionising}

Photographer: Dean Isidro
Model: Nataliya Piro
Magazine: Cosmopolitan, February 2010

I am a girly-girl sucker for florals and mixed patterns and prints! Love it!


nookie said...

love it

Sher said...

Oh I love her messy curls so much!

Inspiration in Italy said...

Hello Lovely, I really like the 2nd & last photo! Such lovely prints and materials! Hope you are having a wonderful week.


The Style Mansion said...

These fashion pics are adorable. Except they make me feel like doing something irresponsible like selling my car so I can buy more clothes. The only thing that would stop me from doing that is the fact that I have some shoes I can't even walk in.They are walk-from-the-car-straight-to-the-venue-and-sit-down-shoes.
I will just have to find something else to sell.

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