Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flower Power!

How enchanting is this photo shoot!

Lace. Ruffles. Flowers. Oh my!

This lacy number is KILLER!

I love the 80's inspired big hair!

{images found on fashion gone rogue}

Photographer: David Vasiljevic
Stylist: Sarah Ellison
Model: Maryna Linchuk
Magazine: Numero Tokyo, March 2010


koralee said...

So lovely..I wore a big flower today on my them! Soooo romantic. xoxo

Creative Coquette said...

heart the big flowers and big hair!

Little Girl said...

I absolutely love big hair so you can only image how much it annoys me to see girls straighten their hairs when its so nice already.

I always come to your blog for editorials, they're always so fascinating and beautiful. I love the ruffles and lace and simplicity of all of these dresses.

Nerds Are Cool Too

Tink in My Closet said...

So much pretty lace... I love!

BSoul 4 U said...

Hello Sunshine!
I live for the Ruffles Lace and Bows! Visits to your blog makes me soo HAPPY!

Stay Whimsical!

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