Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Debbie {I'm A Doll!}

Little Debbie Barbie Doll {I was called Little Debbie in college - tee hee!}
PMA Debbie Doll {This Barbie Debbie don't take no mess!}
Debbie Glitter Dolls {Go girls!}
Debbie The Elegant {My Fav!}

I'll get back to posting vintage interiors and vintage fashion tomorrow. Anyhoo!! Anyone who has visited GirlWhimsy more than once knows by now that I looove vintage dolls, especially vintage Barbie. But I always wanted a doll named after me, Debbie. But, I guess my name was too "plain Jane" and the pretty dolls only had fun, cutesy names like Barbie, Francie, Tutti or Chloe. So, the other day I said to myself, "I wonder if there is a vintage Debbie doll out there somewhere. I did a Google search, and what do you know, that search led me to one of my favorite sites, Flickr. And, I did find four {four is better than none, at least} lovely dolls named Debbie. Whoo-hoo!! Here they are. Aren't they precious!!


Lark said...

Hello gorgeous blog! Thank you for your kind comment about my home on Apartment Therapy and I would love for you to feature it on your blog. I'll pop in again soon!

Allison x

GirlWhimsy said...

Hi Allison -
The comment about your apartment was from the heart! I love your home, and I would be honored to feature it on my blog! I'll let you know when the post is ready.

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