Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage-Inspired Collection of Kate Spade

"Utility, wit and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of Kate Spade". Kate Spade is a wonderful designer and her new collection is nothing short of FAB-U-LOUS (two snaps up)! Her new line reminds me of what would have been worn in the Sixties, but with a modern twist. I love the contrasting colored tights. Simple. Classic. Chic. Fun. Lovely.


allie said...

i look forward to all your posts. they are lovely and eclectic. such a lovely blog. i am a frequent visitor!

J. said...

I love several pieces in this collection!

GirlWhimsy said...

Hi Allie-
Thank you for the sweet comments and thank you for being a frequent visitor! Have a Blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you again real soon!

GirlWhimsy said...

J -
Isn't this collection wonderful! Thank you for stopping by. Please do come back again! Have a great day!

Kristel Louisa said...

Hello there!
I wanna say thank you for following me :)
It really means a lot to me. Thankss.
and I wanna say that your blog is totally amazing! really! It's really great to meet you.

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