Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Eye Candy Created Just For Me!

I thought I was done posting for tonight, but I remembered that the sweet and lovely Jennifer Hayslip of Sweet Eye Candy Creations emailed me to tell me that the shadowbox she was making for me is finished (YIPPEEEE!!). Her lovely photos are above. For those of you who are not familiar with the creations of Jennifer Hayslip, you'll want to become familiar with her after this posting. When I came across Jenn's blog and saw her sweet lovelies, I knew I had to get her to make something for me, so I chose to have her create one of her shadowboxes. She asked me to list what trinkets and colors I loved. I told her what I loved (buttlerfiles, BLING, pink, white, ballerinas, Barbie, hearts, flowers and pearls) and what she created for me far exceeded what I envisioned in my head! The detail and sweetness of her work is AMAZING! She was on pins and needles wondering if I would like what she created. Jenn you are a sweet heart for being worried about what I would think. Well, my thought is this: I am proud and over joyed to have a Jennifer Hayslip creation that was made especially for me! Your shadowbox captured the very essence of whom I am - girly, whimsical and fun! I can't wait til it arrives at my front door. I will treasure it forever! Thank you!

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