Thursday, July 2, 2009

Barbie and Her Friends

Hair Fair Barbie and Casey's tea time. Lovely!
Barbie's flower gift shop.
Barbie and Ken's lunch date, with Skipper and Tutti looking on.
Happy Birthday, Skipper. The cake and candles are handmade by Betsy Niederer.
Happy Birthday miniatures. Love!

Barbie and Skipper's school day morning.
I love the miniature breakfast food and dishware.
Barbie and Tutti's story time. Awww, big sister reading to her little sister.
Stacey's sweet shop. The handmade miniature cakes are by Cathy McGee. The handmade lollipops are by Ericka.
Franie's country kitchen.
Barbie and Ken's sunday breakfast. Hmmm, looks like Ken stayed the night!
Francie's game night. Looks like fun, girls.
Barbie's mod boutique. You're wearing that dress, girlfriend!
Francie's first apartment. Check out the stereo hi-fi in the background. Too cute!
Barbie, I love your bright apple green sports car!
Barbie's fashion shop. She has added fashion designer to her resume. Barbie can do it all!
Tutti's play house.
Barbie and Tutti's shopping spree.

Here's my favorite plastic gal and her pals, Ken (you know he is never far behind), Stacey, Francie, Casey, Skipper and Tutti. What young girl did not fall in love with Barbie and want to be Barbie, and live in her pink dream house, wear her fabulous clothes and hang out with her beautiful friends! I know I did (and secretly still do). To see more of what Barbie and her pals are doing and how they are living, click here and here.

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