Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Golden Vintage {Sweet}

Vintage Fleurette colorful ceramic mug set.
Vintage mod Bullseye China mug.
Vintage 1930's Milk glass salt and pepper shakers.
Vintage Gold leaf mirror.
Vintage Thank You for not smoking needlepoint. I love how the letters are backwards.
Vintage cottage Rose satin scarf.
Vintage silk rose Lady scarf.
Vintage mid-century print big Bowtie.
Vintage Blushing Baubles big bead necklace.
Vintage 40's white Flora Needlepoint large handbag.
Vintage Whisper blue ruffle blouse.
Vintage 60's Indian Summer shift dress.
Vintge Crayola roses flouncy skirt.
Vintage High Waist floral 70's cotton skirt.
Vintage Hothouse flowers pleated mini skirt.

Check out these vintage home and fashion items from the Etsy shop, Dear Golden. I came across this shop's lovely vintage wares with a modern flair when I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, MadeByGirl. Aren't they sweet?! And her prices are very, very reasonable, too. So, stop by her store to see more of her sweets.

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