Friday, July 24, 2009

Vintage Collage Art {Oh So Pretty}

Ooooh aren't these delish?! Created by Kim Naumann of Curiouser & Curioser Designs, the colors used in making these collages are so pretty and vibrant - they look like they're going to jump off the papers! When I came upon these collages, all made with vintage fabrics, vintage wallpapers, vintage paper scraps, vintage jewelry, vintage postage stamps and vintage book pages mind you, I had to post them for you guys to feast on. Enjoy! Well, it's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend, but I'll miss you all while I'm taking a brief break to enjoy every minute of it (it goes by oh so fast!). I hope to meet you all right back here on Monday with more beautiful, inspirational and whimsical images. Be safe. Stay sweet. Laugh loud. Love hard.

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