Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colorful Vintage Living

Here are some pretty, colorful vintage living interiors that I found through my search for all things vintage. It was the use of bright colors and bold fabrics that beckoned me to take a closer look at these spaces - turquoise, fuschia, yellow, purple, orange, pink, green and red, “OH MY”! And take note of the Mahalia Jackson portrait – I love it! Come on, I know you want to take a closer look, too. Via Flickr.


Alicia said...

A killer color parade!!! Nuts for the Mahalia print too. I think its a Warhol copy.
The new look for the blog is an explosion of fun. The turquoise & pink really pop!!!!!!!!

GirlWhimsy said...

Hey Alicia -
I hope you're doing well. I changed the color scheme again, girlfriend! I've been playing around all day with colors and I finally settled on the victorian royal purple. I love color, but I wanted a more grown-up look, I guess. So this will do for now until I get bored with it and decide to change it again. Talk to you soon.

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