Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Decade {The 40s}

October 1949 - Photo, Nina Leen.1946 Life Magazine.Designer - Adrian, 1947.1940s.1946 Life Magazine.Fashion by Adrian.
1946 Life Magazine.July 1949.
{images: myvintagevogue}
Happy Tuesday, all! I pray you all had a lovely and looong weekend! Well, now, I want to get into some fashion decade-ing [looks like I just made up another new word], specifically the 1940s. This was the decade of class, elegance, sophistication, and femininity. When the 1940s woman walked into a room, she entered that room with poise and confidence. She commanded respect from the gentlemen folk. She never let anyone see her sweat. Her style was elaborate. And, she was always a lady!


Maria Confer said...

The 40's is one of my favorite fashion decades!

Thanks for sharing all these stunning photos and for the sweet comment!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Such gracefully captivating images. I am such a fan of the 40s, they tie with the 50s for my favourite decade of the last century.

I adore the whimsy and hopeful sense of wonder the 50s brought with them, but also love the sensibility and amazing ability to make do and thrive through trying times that personified the forties.

Thank you sweetly for your wonderful comments, honey, I hope you're having a fantastic week!
♥ Jessica

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