Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage White Interiors {With A Pop of Color}

{images: decorology via flickr}
I absolutely love white interiors - they're so crisp, fresh, clean and sparkly. Then add a pop of color, well that's just plain pretty! And, I especially love white interiors that showcase the love for things past. Here are some white vintage-inspired interiors that took my breath away!


trishiekoh said...

I love the blue bed in the sea of white...looks fantastic!

GirlWhimsy said...

Hi Trishiekoh -
Thank you for visiting GirlWhimsy. Your comment was ever so sweet. Please stop back again.

Jessica Cangiano said...

My word, those rooms are almost too stunning to be true! Everytime you post home decor photos I am struck with an overwhelming desire to click my heels together and wake up in anyone of these fantastically gorgeous homes! :)))

Wishing you a dazzling Thursday, sweet dear!
♥ Jessica

Clare said...

Wow these are great inspirational photos. I love the idea of neutral tones with a pop of colour

Lagelle said...

always so much inspiration 2 share, I love the shabby chic linen wardrobe chest! xoxo

Cynthia said...

Ms. Vintage Girl I must commend
you on this dreamy blog!

Adore the bedroom - my fantasy
bedroom and the chandelier -
can't get enough of chandeliers
and candelabras.

Vintage clutch bags - me too -
love them!

GirlWhimsy said...

Hi Cynthia-
Thank you so much for stopping by GirlWhimsy, and thank you for the sweet comment! I hope to hear from you again, soon. Have a lovely weekend!

NINA said...

I also love white interiors!
That's how I'm decorating my house.
I think it's very romantic and peaceful.
Like your blog, gives inspiration and has great taste!
PD: Thanks 4 following!
and congrats on the award!

Sara said...

Oo - how lovely does that bath look!

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