Monday, September 28, 2009

Paper Creations {Beautiful}

What Katy Did stilettos {vintage book pages, card, PVA glue}

Wallpaper stilettos {wallpaper, glue, PVA glue}

Danish Book stilettos {danish pook pages, card, PVA glue }

Kate Greenaway baby shoes {vintage book pages, moulding medium}

Paper ballet shoes {found papers, hand stitching}

Pattern packet dress {vintage sewing pattern packets, machine embroidery}

Kate Greenaway dress {vintage book pages}

Happy Monday, whimsies! I hope it was a lovely one for you! Okay, let's get the week started with some eye candy. How adorable and creative are these paper crafts made by textiles designer and artist, Jennifer Collier. I was blown away when I came across one of her creations on the lovely blog, Laissez Faire. So you know I then had to go to Jennifer's site to see more of her works. In crafting her pieces, Jennifer uses natural and found materials. She uses methods of weaving, waxing, trapping, embedding and stitching to create her fabulous works, which are then developed into precious garments and accessories. She often uses papers, plastics and fabrics in creating her pieces. I'm telling you, you'll be blown away, too. Go check out her site for yourself. I would looove to have Jennifer create a paper vintage fashion clutch bag for me! Jennifer, if you happen to stumble across my blog and see this post, could you consider creating that bag for me? PLEASE!!


Jessica Cangiano said...

So wonderfully fun, detailed, creative! Great finds, sweetie!

Wishing you a gorgeous day & week ahead,
♥ Jessica

Dylana said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing! Love it all!

Sher said...

Oh, these are so adorable! I love the tiny shoes:)

Ms. B said...

Those are so fun! I love all of them!!

koralee said...

Love these daughter had to make paper shoes for an art class and I blogged about it awhile back...lovely post today!

Kellie Collis said...

What fabulous creations!! x

Jowy said...

Yup im so ooo blown away , truly stunning!

One Love,

Gabriel Girl said...

Cute!!!! I hope that paper pattern dress is comfortable, it looks so fun to play in.

Pink Links said...

Fantastic idea, my friend!

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